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72% Dark Chocolate

Bold but not bitter, this 72% Belgium chocolate will satisfy the most finicky chocolate lover.


Amaretto blended with milk and dark chocolate, topped with an almond.


White chocolate, coconut puree and shredded coconut, dark chocolate shell.

Dark Chocolate Cherry

Cherry puree and cherry pieces blended in dark chocolate


Dark chocolate ganache infused with a rich European espresso.


Hazelnut praline ganache with a caramelized hazelnut center

Milk Chocolate

Swiss milk chocolate ganache center wrapped in milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Caramel

This milk chocolate caramel center is soft and luscious, wrapped in a pure swiss milk chocolate.

Passion Fruit

The tartness of passion fruit is balanced with a dark and milk chocolate blend.


Cold pressed pistachios give this chocolate a very creamy nutty profile


A bright and tart raspberry ganache topped with dried raspberry powder.


A milk chocolate center with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel

Our most popular. Soft caramel combined with dark chocolate, topped with flakes of sea salt.


Soft and silky dark chocolate and massive strawberry flavor


White chocolate ganache with an intense vanilla bean infusion. Dark chocolate shell.


Blood Orange

Bold and intense citrus flavors in a blend of dark and milk chocolate. Do you recognize the wings?

Cayenne Pepper

Sweetness of caramel, tartness of passion fruit and the heat of cayenne pepper

Chili Lime

Kaffir Lime Leaves are infused into this ganache to give you a kick

Chocolate Mousse

Dark chocolate center that is light and airy.

Dulce de Leche

A traditional creamy, milky caramel and espresso ganache

Fig Honey

Dark chocolate and fig along with a honey ganache.

Irish Coffee

A double ganache center flavored with Jameson Irish Whiskey and Coffee.

Key Lime

Made with real key lime juice for a unique Florida Keys experience.


Lavender flowers steeped in cream to create this floral and bright chocolate truffle.

Mixed Berry

A complex mix of Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Prickly Pear creating a fresh, fruity flavor with a rich dark chocolate finish.

Northern Lights

A delicate touch of peppermint blended into a balanced dark chocolate. Perfect for after dinner.

Peanut Butter

Roasted peanuts, hazelnuts, milk and dark chocolate make this center a gourmet experience.

Pistachio Praline

Pistachio and Praline – Just Perfect

Red Wine

Dark chocolate enhanced with a robust port wine


Dark chocolate surround a freshly made vanilla marshmallow center, and topped with toasted graham cracker.

Spiced Honey

Clove Honey and just a little bite of spice



Prepare to be transported back to a time when the ice cream trucks rang a bell. White chocolate Blood Orange Creamsicle center wrapped in dark chocolate


Guinness® Stout beer is infused into this rich ganache center .

Shamrock Shake

Irish Cream and Dark Chocolate